Gulfstream G450

The Gulfstream G450 can fly over 10 hours, with an exceptional range of 4’600 NM; Any destination on earth can be reached with a maximum of one stop. Gulfstream airplanes are considered to be the most reliable airplanes in private aviation since 3 decades. Exceptional cabin pressurization (linked with a total air replenishment every 2 minutes) allows to reduce considerably fatigue and provides extreme comfort for relaxation. You will arrive more rested and relaxed than with any first class airliner. The baggage compartment allows to fit a nearly unlimited number of baggage (40 to 50 pieces). Pilots have the privilege to fly this beautiful eagle with the most sophisticated aeronautic technology available on the market.


Maximum Range in Distance 4.350 NM / 8.061 KM  
Speed 528 MPH / 850 KPH  
Overall Cabin Length 45,1 FT / 13,74 M  
Cabin Height 6,2 FT / 1,88 M  
Cabin Width 7,4 FT / 2,24 M  
Baggage Volume 169 FT³ / 4,8 M³  
Passenger Capacity 15  
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